• Note: Prior to completing a reservation confirm that your Settings Page is complete, your Product Page is complete and Inventory has been added on your Inventory Page.

Create a Reservation

  1. Go to the Reservations Page

   2. Click "New" in the upper right hand corner

Complete Reservation Details

  3. Select the Pickup and Return Date of Keg(s).  

Keep in mind, a reservation cannot be completed if the Date of Pickup falls on a date before the chosen reservation windows entered in your Settings Page.

Note: If you entered deposit amounts in your Settings page then the return date entered here will be used to determine when those deposits will be collected.

  4. Choose how many kegs will be reserved

  5. Choose the beer type and size of keg being reserved 

Note: Ensure that you have added products in your Products Page as well as entered available keg sizes in your Settings Page prior to creating a reservation. A reservation cannot be completed by you or your customers until products and keg sizes have been entered

  6. Choose how many hand-taps to reserve

7. Click "Submit"

Complete Customer Details

  8. Enter required customer information & Click "Submit"

Confirm Reservation Details

   9. Review Reservation Details

  10. Apply discount if applicable

Note: Discounts options are not made visible to customers, only to brewery accounts. Discounts can be setup and managed through your Settings Page.

  11. Choose to pay at time of pickup, if applicable

Note: If this option is selected a reservation is accepted and posted to your Reservations Page. However, the reserved keg(s) cannot be checked out to the customer without payment being collected through Kegmeisters at time of pickup. 

  12. Click "Checkout"

  • See our support article "How to Check out a Keg" for details on how to process payment and check out a keg associated with a reservations
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